Passport scanner
Fingerprint / ID scanner
Barcode scanner
Bank card reader
Phone reciever
SIM-card dispenser
Cash acceptor
Receipt printer
Cash dispencer

One machine to change the industry

Futuretelebranch is a machine that was designed to be customer friendly and simply universal. It connects you to customer support via videoconference to solve any problem you have in your own language at any time. The customer service agent can help you get sim card, purchase a gadget or a travel ticket just in minutes, same way as in a real store.

Latest News

FutureTelebranch to reveal a new generation of wheelchair-friendly customer service kiosk

PresentationTelecom Branch of the Future at MWC Barcelona 2017 Futuretelebranch, Rise Conference, Hong Kong, July 2017 Futuretelebranch at Telecoms World Middle East 2017, Dubai.

Goals and Vision

Each technical breakthrough unrelentlessly pushes us towards the new era of automatization, yet governments and companies still lag behind. We ourselves lose time standing in queues in customer support services or endlessly hold the line till customer care agent can help us.

While even the most remote villages have network coverage, they don’t have customer support centers. Driving to a closest city to get your problem fixed is a poor investment of time and money, same is for service providers to put a customer support center in the middle of nowhere. Placing our machine is a win-win solution.

We’ve all been there, we’ve experienced it and now we take action.

We see our Futuretelebranch as a complete substitute to the regular overcrowded and inefficient service centers. No more paperwork, folders, pens, clips, armies of customer support managers, huge rooms full of people, lines, hours of waiting.

Our goal is creating a system to change it all.


Robust and secure software

Our software controls all the functions of each machine and reports status to the servers online. Each action is stored on the server and validated, which provides maximum security.

Purchase services using machine

Futuretelebranch lets you purchase sim-cards, travel tickets, electronic devices and products. Our machines have all the necessary components that will allow you to perform the purchase without doing additional paperwork: fingerprint scanner, passport / ID scanner, e-singature pad.

Face-to-face conversation with techsupport

Any question can be solved by calling a customer support agent through our video call system. If necessary, support agent can assume control of the machine and press buttons for you, showing you how to use the machine and answering any questions you have.

Account management

Our machine lets you top up balance, manage your billing plan and change account options, but any time you need help — our customer support agents will be there.


Customer friendly machines

As opposed to ordinary self-service machines, Futuretelebranch are easy to use for foreigners, aged, illiterate people, people with disabilities.

A machine that is so simple and offers all needed services is bound to be used intensively. Customer support agents can help elderly people get acquainted with all the processes and make them loyal customers.

Decrease in costs, improvement in service

Call centres can be placed overseas to save costs. No need to open customer service centers in remote towns and villages. Machines are capable of full customer service.

Customer support in many languages

You can outsource customer support to other countries to allow service in a prefered language of your customer. Customer support agents who know sign language can provide service for deaf and mute people.

Better accessibility

Gas stations, shops, metro stations, shopping malls, remote villages — our machines can be placed anywhere to provide full service.


Indoor telecom kiosk

Indoor model is made to be deployed in public venues with high-security levels such as airports, shopping malls etc., where there is no need for physical protection. It has soft design and is made of light materials.

Outdoor telecom kiosk

Outdoor model has a reinforced case for better vandal protection and is equipped with air-conditioning system. It is also made in a cabin to create a comfortable environment for customers.

Travel agency booth

This model is designed to sell travel tickets, tours, and provide travel-related customer support. Equipped with ID scanners, cash and credit card payment tools, and travel document printer.

Telecom kiosk with hardware dispenser

This model is designed to sell small electronic devices such as mobile phones, power banks, headphones, ipods etc., in addition to sim-cards and other telecom services. Designed for telecom operators who provide bundled offers.



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