Telecom Branch of the Future plan to start deploying their technology in the second half of 2017

Telecom Branch of the Future plan to start deploying their technology in the second half of 2017

Dubai — March 12, 2017. Telecom Branch of the Future plans to start deploying their new technology, the advanced customer service machines for telecoms, in the second half of the current year. Having introduced their machines at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the company is optimistic about the prospects of the new technology in many regions of the world.

“We have got a lot of good feedback from telecoms during the Congress. Negotiations with some of them have already started, so we plan that in the second half of 2017 their subscribers will be able to try the new experience of telecom customer service. The interest to our machines has been coming from various countries across the globe, so we don’t really know which country or region will start implementing it first”, said Kostiantyn Gridin, CEO & Founder of the Telecom Branch of the Future.

The technology’s primary areas of application are arrival areas of the airports, as well as remote towns and villages. According to TBF’s management, it can also be deployed in other places to become more accessible to large amounts of customers: in malls, gas and metro stations, touristic attractions and so on.

“The machines and software we are introducing are set to create a jump in customer service for telecoms, enabling the operators to serve their customers 24/7, to become more accessible in terms of place and language, and even to start providing full service for deaf and mute people, which very few telecoms in the world have thought about so far”, Gridin concluded.

Telecom Branch of the Future is a new generation of customer service machines, designed to substitute traditional telecom outlets. They provide all services available at outlets, have means of personal identification as well as multi-language support via videoconferencing.