Telecom Branch comes to Rise Conference in Hong Kong to explore South East Asian market

Telecom Branch comes to Rise Conference in Hong Kong to explore South East Asian market

Telecom Branch of the Future, Dubai-based technological company, has confirmed their plans to participate and exhibit at Rise Conference in Hong Kong, taking place on July 11–13. By taking part, the company aims to develop its customer base as well as to meet rising demand from South East Asia for their recently released solutions.

Telecom Branch of the Future presented its new generation of customer service machines for telecoms in March 2017, at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona. They are designed to replace traditional branches of mobile operators. Equipped with video conference, personal identification and payment tools, the machines allow to perform all the transactions usually done in a branch: sim-card purchase and replacement, customer registration, billing plan update, bill settlement etc.

“Emerging telecom markets usually have many more issues with customer service than developed ones. Among those issues are personal identification, low accessibility, queuing in branches and language barriers — those areas where our machines can provide a great help. That’s why we have decided to participate more actively in the regional tech events”, said Kostiantyn Gridin, Founder&CEO of Telecom Branch of the Future.

Three months after releasing their technology, the company is said to be in active negotiations about deploying their machines in a number of countries, including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Malaysia and others.

Telecom Branch of the Future is a technological company headquartered in Dubai, with a manufacturing base in Ukraine. The main product is a new generation of customer service machines for telecoms, aimed to create a jump in client service of mobile network operators.