FutureTelebranch launches social media campaign for better customer service in telecoms.

FutureTelebranch launches social media campaign for better customer service in telecoms.

Dubai, UAE, (October 17, 2017): Futuretelebranch, a Dubai-based company specialized in innovative customer service solutions for telecoms, has launched a social media campaign with a goal to push telecoms in the UAE and GCC to improve their customer service.

“The telcos in GCC are investing lots of money in advertising, network development, and new products. With these fast developments customer service is often set aside. We believe that customer should be the main value and asset of any business. Thus the main goal of our campaign is to draw telcos attention to the elements of customer service, that can be improved” said Kostiantyn Gridin, CEO of Futuretelebranch.

The social media campaign starts with a video dedicated to misunderstanding that often occurs between service agents and customers, caused by the language barrier. To showcase the issue Futuretelebranch has partnered with a Facebook celebrity Mad Shadz, known for his accent impersonation videos.

“Futuretelebranch provides a solution, that enables telecom operators to offer their service to customers in their preferred language. This is our first video in the series emphasizing different ways of customer service improvement. The next videos will be dedicated to 24/7 service availability, better accessibility, and more human interaction – all of which are possible with Futuretelebranch technology with cost-saving effect for the telcos themselves,” Gridin concluded.

Futuretelebranch is a Dubai-based technological company, that has developed a new generation of customer service machines aimed to replace traditional telecom branches. Futuretelebranch machines are equipped with payment tools, ID&biometric scanners and video-conference function that enable face-to-face conversation between customers and service agents.